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Virtual Routers

I am trying to work with the Virtual Routers component but can't seem to get it.
I have tried to follow the documentation on importing the virtual router into the vonecloud environment but no luck.

here are the steps that I follow:
1. Login to sunstone with CloudAdmin
2. download alpine router from
3. import this OVA into vcenter
4. convert this VM into a template.
5. Import the template into sunstone. - successful so far.
6. once the template is imported, Clicked "Update" Edit template to make a checkmark on "Make this template available for Virtual Router machines only"
7. Once I make the checkmark on it and click on update. the process gets hanged and does not go beyond. it is stuck at "Submitting" The update button converts to Submitting and gets stuck there.

any guidance would be really helpful.


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Can you please provide the version of vOneCloud you are using?

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