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Limiting the vnetworks a group can see


First of all I've read this but its not working for me.

I have 3 groups and 3 VDCs which assign one group only to one VDC, but all groups can see all vnets till assigned to VDC, when i remove group from VDC it's going to be OK. Vnets owner and groups are only limits to the group and and no other permissions added.

any idea?



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We believe the problem may be here.

There is a special default VDC created during the installation that allows the use of ALL the physical resources.

The users group belongs to this VDC, and any new group is automatically added to the default VDC. You can modify the VDC physical resources, even remove all of them, but it can’t be deleted.

Before adding a new group to a specific VDC, you may want to remove it from the default one, since it allows the use of ALL the physical resources.

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