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VMWare template NIC disconnected on power on

I am instantiating a VM from a VMWare template.

The template NIC is set to start on power on in the HTML5 interface as well as in the .vmxt file:

ethernet0.startConnected = "TRUE"

However once the VM is cloned from the template the NIC is now disconnected both in the HTML5 console and the .vmx file:

ethernet0.startConnected = "FALSE"


Jay Scovill

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Which version are you using (vOneCloud and vCenter)?

Could you try this steps:

1. Create a new template and remove

ethernet0.startConnected = "TRUE" if exists

2. Import template into vOneCloud

3. Instantiate a VM


If it works, you probably need remove the template from vOneCloud and from vcenter inventory, and follow the above steps again.

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