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vCenter Customization Specfications failing

Hello, has anyone been able to successfully use vcenter customization specifications with vSphere 6.5 U1?  The setup is as follows:

vSphere 6.5 U1 Enterprise Plus and all guest network is going through a virtual distributed switch.

vOneCloud Appliance version 3.4

I have built my vm templates within vCenter with the following:

VMware Tools - Windows
Open-VM-Tools - Linux
Contextualization Packages 
VMXNet3 (vnic)

I imported the templates into vonecloud and then set the vmware customization specification that I want.  I go to do a test provision and the vNIC always comes up "disconnected" and the custom spec fails.  I looked in the 



and i see error finding the specified NIC for MAC address = [mac address]


please help!

Ky Tran

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Hi, does the vmware customization specification work if you deploy a vm directly from vcenter with that template?

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Hi Mouyaq!  Yes, the vmware customization spec works when I deploy a VM directly from vCenter using the template.  The custom spec I have is setup to rename the hostname to match the virtual machine name and then enable the NIC for DHCP.


When I deploy directly from vCenter using the template and customizing with the custom spec it successfully changes the hostname and the VMXNET3 nic powers up on a "connected" state and gets an IP from DHCP.


When I try to deploy from vOneCloud using the same template and vmware customization spec.  The hostname will get renamed with one-##-hostname,but then the VMXNET3 nic will power on "disconnected" and in the event logs it will show that the customization spec has failed.  

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