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Provisioning RHEL7 Linux Template to vCenter vDS network without DHCP and using Static IP

We are evaluating this product for use with our vCenter infrastructure. Many of our networks do not provide dhcp service and static IP's must be assigned at provisioning.

I have created the VMware Linux RHEL7 Customization Script in the vCenter and modified the VM Template to use it.

I have also individually tried setting the context on the "Virtual Networks" object for the bridge and have also tried setting the contextulization option in the VM Template.

From the Documentation:

There are a couple of things to take into account:

  • This system is not compatible with OpenNebula contextualization as this customization overwrites the networking changes made by context scripts.
  • VM network configuration must be done externally to OpenNebula. Either with a DHCP server or manually setting IPs for each interface.
  • This method can be used in all the Guest OSs supported by vCenter.

My assumption was to use Force IPv4 Address in Sunstone to pass the Static IP address to the vCenter Customization Script.through Sunstone. 

So for bullet one, that means every distributed port group imported during creation - no further 'context/contextualization' is not required when using "vCenter Customization Scripts"


and for bullet two:  Does this mean it Is not possible to Pass the Static IP assignment into the vCenter Customization Script via the Sunstone Interface? 

I can not seem to find the right configuration to resolve this the interface continually reports:

[one.template.instantiate] Error allocating a new virtual machine template. Cannot get IP/MAC lease from virtual network 0.

Any assistance would be great.

Christina Scott

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If you use vCenter customization you need to rely on external network managers like a configured DHCP address. vOneCloud network manager only works with OpenNebula contextualization.

Let us know if you have any further doubts about this.

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