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Duplicate IP's in vOneCloud

First, I'm experiencing this problem on two systems; VoC v3.0.4 and a new installation using v3.2.1. All VM's instantiated on the system use an external DHCP server to request IP's. This is a general use DHCP server for a particular subnet, and other hosts receive IP's correctly, and DNS updates as it should. The problem I'm finding is, is that regularly, VM's deployed from vOneCloud get duplicate IP's issued. The virtual network address pool is valid, and the lease assigning MAC addresses look ok. I installed v3.2.1 to see if it was a bug/problem with 3.0.4, but the same thing seems to happen. The DHCP server is fine from what I can tell. In the vOneCloud UI VM list, I can just see many VM's all with the same IPv4 addresses - although many seem to operate ok. The DHCP lease time is set to 24 hours, which I see as ok for this subnet. No other systems using this DHCP server seem to suffer from duplicates - just VM's instantiated from VoC.

The vShpere 6 cluster is working ok, so I'm at a bit of a loss, and I can't see why it would happen. I even increased the amount of conflict detection attempts on the DHCP server, with no affect. There are references in older OpenNebula docs of reports of similar issues, but they're pretty old. Anyone think of any idea as to why this could be happening?

Tony Barrett

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We understand you are not using contextualization for VM network configuration. Can you confirm that the MAC addresses are set correctly as assigned by vOneCloud?

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