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Deploy ID gets overwriten

I have ongoing issue which I'm trying to track down as it makes one completely unusable when it occurs. What happens is that Deploy ID gets the name of the vCenter cluster on certain occasions and when it happens no actions to vm can be performed from sunstone or cli. 


For example, I have a machine, whos Deploy ID is vcenter machine UUID, but then I have some that instead of UUID get the name of the cluster. I'm not sure why this happens yet, but has anyone seen this before? 


Take a look at this screenshots. Two are with Deploy ID's as CloudCustomer (which happens to be the name of the cluster in vcenter) and one that appears to be ok with UUID. None of these machines were imported. They were created in one directly. Any pointers on troubleshooting this would be appreciated.

Michael Szapiel

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Could you send us the log of a VM with the suspicious deploy id?

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