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vOneCloud product scope and future release plans


We found that vOneCloud 2.0.1 community edition is suitable for our requirement and planned to implement in our infrastructure to explore and for further analysis. Also, we could get 4.1 beta edition. We want to know the future release plans and support before we adopt this great product.



Senthil kumar

Senthil Kumar

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vOneCloud uses the latest OpenNebula version available so next vOneCloud version will benefit from features that will be included for OpenNebula 5.4. This is a summary which I've gathered from Rubén S. Montero and Tino Vazquez speech at OpenNebula Conf 2016 for OpenNebula's roadmap for vCenter support:

- OpenNebula wants vCenter operation to level up with KVM.
- Resizing disks will be possible.
- Currently images are persistent, so next step is using non persistent images.
- With network management, automatic port group creation with VLAN support will be added.
- Improvements in multi-tenancy provision. It will be possible to create Virtual Data Centers with automatic network creation.
- It would be nice to have automatic network creation with OneFlow services.

Also new features are being studied:
- How to include System DS, as now only Image Datastore is available.
- Automatic import of VM templates with nics and storage resources, now you can import them using the CLI or Import buttons in Sunstone.
- Move ahead and connect OpenNebula with the new REST API for 6.5, once it provides all the features currently available using Rbvmomi gem.

You may find useful a document called VMware Cloud Reference Architecture, so please visit OpenNebula's blog in a few days as a new version of this document will be published soon.

If you need more info, I'd be glad to help you.


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