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Add disk to VM

Hi! How I can add new disk to VM?
I do this steps:
1. Goes to Storage tab and press Attach disk.
2. Select Volatile disk. Set size and FS raw.
3. VM status changes to HOTPLUG and nothing happened! No disk attached and I can't reboot VM.

Anton Zubkov

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Volatile disks are not supported. Please register a new image and try to attach that image.

vOneCloud Support Team 0 votes
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I already found this out too. You need to create a new disk in CloudAdmin;

Go to Storage / Images

Click Add (or Import if one already exists)

Give it a name and description

Select Generic Storage Datablock as the Type

Select the Datastore you want to create the image on

Set Image Location to Empty Disk Image

Enter the Size and Provisioning Type (thin/thick etc)

Create your disk

Once created, you can assign permissions to the disk, so only specific users can mount it. I'll agree, this isn't the solution I wanted, but it looks like it's more of a VMware limitation rather than VoC.

You'll also need to expose the 'Storage' option to end users by editing cloud.yaml and restarting OpenNebula.



Tony Barrett 0 votes
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