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Access to VM Console through VNC not working in vOneCloud 2.0

I installed vOneCloud 2.0 recently and I figured out that newly created VMs (Windows ones) cannot be accessed through VNC. This worked with vOneCloud 1.8.
In the logs I can see that "novnc" is using the cluster name instead of the hosts IP adress to establish the VNC connection: - - [09/Jul/2016 10:48:40] Plain non-SSL (ws://) WebSocket connection - - [09/Jul/2016 10:48:40] Version hybi-13, base64: 'False' - - [09/Jul/2016 10:48:40] Path: '/?token=ao4olu9jm0i2dafg3h5' - - [09/Jul/2016 10:48:40] connecting to: CTS-Cluster:5901
handler exception: [Errno -3] Temporary failure in name resolution

-> CTS-Cluster is the Cluster as set up in vCenter
-> Correct would be the IP of the Host the VM is running on (10.22.x.y)
-> I see in the VM Properties that the "Host" property is "CTS-Cluster" and not the actual host

Any ideas what went wrong? Thanks, Tom

Thomas Zangl

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