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So, having just completed the upgrade to v2.0, I've been checking out the new system. The new UI is different - maybe a little rough around the edges. I'm seeing some new features which I've got to spend some more time with, but two things immediately spring to mind from an end user perspective.

1. I was under the impression end-users of the system would have some snapshot control of their provisioned VM's. I can't see anything in the user UI that shows this.

2. I also thought users would also be able to add additional vDisks to their self-provisioned VM's (up to their quota limit). Again, was this a misunderstanding, or is this feature hidden away somewhere?

Tony Barrett

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The mentioned functionality is present in vOneCloud although it is hidden. It can be activated, but please bear in mind that this will be overwritten in future updates, and you will have to reinstate the configuration.

To bring up the snapshots and storage tabs in the Cloud View, please login in to the appliance:

And edit file /etc/one/sunstone-views/cloud.yaml, making the following changes:

vm_storage_tab: true
vm_snapshot_tab: true

Afterwards, you will need to restart the OpenNebula service in the Control Panel.



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That's great, thanks for that. The new features are really taking shape now I can see where to enable them. Giving this amount of control to the end-user is a real step forward.

I can confirm that end-user control of snapshots is now working!

I also enabled the network and storage tabs to provide end-user capability to add NIC's and storage to already provisioned VM's. I also enabled the following;

VM.attachdisk: true
VM.detachdisk: true
VM.attachnic: true
VM.detachnic: true

After restarting OpenNebula service, these tabs appeared as expected. When I try and add a NIC or storage though, I can see the Window briefly appear on the screen before returning to the main 'cloud' display, so it doesn't currently work. Is there something else I need to enable for this, or is this part of the bug I read about in another v2.0 thread?


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I followed the instructions and I get the snapshots tab, but when I try to take one the snapshot name windows opens and then the whole screen refreshes and I don't actually get a snapshot.

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