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vOneCloud 2.2 Issues

I've just deployed the appliance on a test platform but facing a few issues:


1. When opening the Control Panel I cannot see the OpenNebula State or any options to Start\Stop Services. Due to this I had to start the opennebula and opennebula-sunstone services manually from cmd.

2.Following the online guide it mentions the user "CloudAdmin" but there is no user by that name.

3.When browsing to the sunstone interface I can only login with the oneadmin user but I am immediately logged out. I can only get around this by going to http://<IP>:9869    Are the instructions incorrect?

4. When adding a new host, under Type I only have KVM or custom? Where is the rest of the options? especially VMware?


Thanks in advance.



Paul Freedman

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Hi Paul!, 
could you paste a screenshot of the Control Panel (it should listen on port 8000)? It's weird that you cannot see the Start / Stop services, or that you cannot log using the CloudAdmin account, it seems that something was wrong in the installation phase. This is what you should see in the Control Panel:

Do you see the Debug link in the Control Panel as explained here? It should be at bottom right:

Then you could generate the debug info an upload the gzipped file with vOneCloud logs although as the documentation warns you, you should have a look that no sensitive information is in the logs. If you cannot find the Debug link or the debug task fails, maybe you could upload the oldest /var/log/one/oned.log file (checking again that no sensitive info is there). Maybe we can find what may have failed.

In your case and according to your feedback I'd try to reinstall the vOneCloud appliance in a different VM and check if it works as expected.


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