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Deploy vm from templet

I have esxi server whit 5 giga ram free memory.
Whan i try to deploy a new vm from templet nothing happens.
It's just stuck in a pending state. and i dont see the job running in the vcenter cunsol.

Is it because of the server memory?

dotan cohen

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Hi Dotan!
if a VM is stuck in pending state, that means that the vOneCloud scheduler service hasn't been able to find a vCenter cluster (represented as a host in OpenNebula) which satisfies the RAM memory, CPUs... requirements, so the VM cannot be deployed.

Is your OpenNebula host being monitored successfully? Does it show RUNNING or ERROR?

I assume that you've imported the vCenter template into vOneCloud, haven't you?

Maybe you've set a cpu value or ram memory in your template too high,  or you've set an expression in the SCHED_REQUIREMENTS attribute that cannot be satisfied.

If you can connect to the appliance using the CLI as explained here, you may execute a few commands and paste its results here so we can help you to see what attributes may be preventing your VM to be deployed:

  • onevm show VMID -x   where VMID should be the numeric id of the VM that cannot be deployed.
  • onehost show HOSTID -x where HOSTID should be the numeric id of the host (vCenter cluster) where you want to your vm to be deployed.

Also the /var/log/one/sched.log file may give you more info or at least the confirmation that the scheduler cannot deploy the VM.





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