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New Versions?


you announced the vonecloud version which addresses the Storage Cluster issue for Octobre last year. But no new version so yet. How is the actual status?

You announces the vonecloud version with the new version for vcenter storage in Q1 this year, Will this be in time?

Can you please post some information about the vonecloud roadmap and planned dates?

Thank you and regards,


Dirk Estenfeld

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OpenNebula 5.2.1 is going to be released this week, and vOneCloud 2.2 (based on OpenNebula 5.2.1) will be released next week. The vCenter related features of 5.2.1 can be consulted in the release notes:

OpenNebula 5.4 is going to be released in about three months, and vOneCloud 3.0 will be based in OpenNebula 5.4 shortly after. A list of the intended new functionality is described in the following blog post:

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