vOneCloud 3.4 is Out!

We want to let you know that OpenNebula Systems has just announced the availability of vOneCloud version 3.4.

This new release of the appliance, based on OpenNebula 5.8.0 Edge comes with these new exciting features:

  • Change boot order of VM devices updating the VM Template (more info).
  • VM migration between clusters and datastores is now supported (more info).
  • Migrate images from KVM to vCenter, or vice versa (more info).
  • New configuration file, behaviour of image importation can be changed (more info).
  • VM actions can be specified relative to the VM start scheduled actions, for example: terminate this VM after a month of being created.
  • Automatic selection of Virtual Networks for VM NICs, balance network usage at deployment time or reduce clutter in your VM Template list (more info).
  • New self-provisioning model for networksVirtual Network Templates. Users can now instantiate their own virtual networks from predefined templates with their own addressing.
  • Support for NIC Alias, more than one IP can be associated to the same network interface (more info).

The above features and components add to the already present ability to expose a multi-tenant cloud-like provisioning layer through the use of virtual data centers and self-service portal. vOneCloud seamlessly integrates with running vCenter virtualised infrastructures, leveraging advanced features such as vMotion, HA or DRS scheduling provided by the VMware vSphere product family. If you are building a large-scale cloud, are interested in the federation of multiple cloud instances, hybrid deployments, or want to integrate with third party components, customize the product or manage open source hypervisors, we recommend an installation of OpenNebula.

vOneCloud is zero intrusive (although it fully manages the life cycle of VMs), try it out without the need to commit to it. If you don’t like it (as strange at that may be!) you can just remove the appliance.

OpenNebula Systems will run a booth at VMworld 2019 US in San Francisco and at VMworld 2019 EU in Barcelona, with live demos of the new version.

vOneCloud 3.4 has been certified with support for vSphere 6.0, 6.5 and 6.7.

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