vOneCloud 1.8 is Out!

A new version of vOneCloud, 1.8, has been released. This new release of the appliance, based on a tailored version of OpenNebula 4.14 Great A’Tuin to ease the provisioning of resources from vSphere based infrastructures, comes packed with exciting new features. Coming from functionality present in 4.14 we found:

  • Import VMs from public clouds. vOneCloud 1.8 introduces the management of VMs not launched by vOneCloud in either Amazon EC2, Microsoft Azure and IBM SoftLayer.
  • Keep  VM disks after deletion. A new attribute will instruct vOneCloud on leaving or deleting the VM disks when they finish their lifecycle.

Features related with the vCenter driver not yet present in any OpenNebula release:

  • Pagination added to vCenter import dialog. In large scale deployments, this will aid in the importation of large numbers of VM Templates and Networks.
  • Support for VMware Guest Customization. At the time of creating or modifying an imported VM Template, it is now possible to associate a Guest Customization profile to configure guest OS parameters such as the computer name, network settings, setting and expiring the administrator/root password, SID change for Windows Operating systems, and so on.
  • Show all the IPs from a VM in Sunstone. Both for imported and newly created VMs, all the IP addresses reported by the guest OS via the VMware tools are retrieved by vOneCloud and presented in Sunstone.
  • Append name to “one-*” name in vCenter display name. VM Name as shown in vOneCloud is appended in vCenter VM name for easier VM tracking.
  • Imported resources suffixed with their source cluster name. This feature aids in the resource identification in the vCenter portal by mapping it to the vOneCloud representation name.
  • Multi cluster VM Template definition. Create vOneCloud VM Templates that reference more than one vCenter VM Template in different vCenter clusters.

vOneCloud Control Panel has also been extended in this release to allow for further customizations:

  • Enable SSH. To easily allow console access to the vOneCloud appliance.
  • Enable SSL. To enable the secure access to the vOneCloud appliance web interface (Sunstone) using the SSL protocol.

You can download an OVA with 1.8 already installed, you will need only to register in this support portal and visit this article.

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