What is the Support Scope of Coverage?

We Support

Technical Support:

  • Answering "how to" questions related to standard and intended product usage
  • Solving unexpected problems when using, installing or configuring the software
  • Offering hints about how to go around missing features and about optimizing the cloud
  • Product error diagnosis, resolution and bug fixing
  • Guidance about how to customize configuration files, bootstrapping scripts, plug-ins, and base templates
  • Guidance about tuning for optimal and scalable performance in your environment 

We Do Not Support

The Support Subscription Services exclude:

  • Beta versions 
  • Uncertified platforms
  • Modified packages
  • System design and training
  • Issues arising from non-standard usage 
  • On-site services
  • Remote access
  • Code development
  • Technology preview features
  • Third-party software/drivers
  • Customer’s failure to comply with operating instructions contained in the Documentation
  • Errors arising from anything other than the Product, such as databases, web-servers or hardware

Add-on professional services are available for these exceptions.